League of the Golden Clematis

Suddenly, a christening!

26 October
Today was a day of surprises.  Uncle Percy sent a telegram to say he was coming with friends.  Then another telegram appeared to say that Diana escaped and may be coming to find us.  I enlisted the aid of the children to make some semaphore flags to tell Diana where we are.  Wilamina offered to help with a perch for Diana.

While we were working, James came in and asked if I would be willing to be a godmother.  Like right now.  
And, suddenly, we were at a christening in the parlor .  James pulled me aside and and handed me a prayer book and showed me the hidden compartment with weapons.  When I asked who I should be worried about, he said I've been a friends with a better assassin for longer.  And something about a priest.

Toward the end of the ceremony, the priest's book started smoking.  I used the basin to put out the book and we finished the ceremony.

27 October
Today Uncle Percy and arrived with Mrs. Whitnell's father and a priest friend.  Diana showed up shortly before the storm clouds and we settled her in.  It's good to see Diana again!



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