Gentle Reader, welcome to London, the largest city in the world. It is April, 1870, and Britannia rules the waves. The other great powers in Europe are Russia, France, Prussia, and the Ottoman Empire. Victoria has been Queen for just over 30 years, although she has been in mourning since the death of Prince Albert in 1861, she has recently begun to resume her public duties. Steam is the prime mover of this age. Most industry is driven by steam while gaslights illuminate most houses. Electricity is used in a variety of interesting ways, but is still often thought of as a novelty or even dangerous.

It is believed by most that science and technology (created by stout-hearted and ingenious men) will continue to make the world a better place. Others warn of the injustices brought on by this industrial age, and urge their fellow citizens to turn to older, more natural ways.

It is not yet a perfect world. British society is stratified along lines of class, race, sex, and religion. Only a small fraction of the population has the right to vote. Millions still toil in difficult and dangerous jobs for a pittance.

But adventure awaits the courageous man or woman who is willing to take risks and reach for their dreams. You are invited to join those adventures. What wonders of super science or the supernatural await the daring adventurers who will join this enterprise?

There is only one way to find out…

League of the Golden Clematis

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